Saturday, October 3, 2009

misc pink flowers

This was one of those mystery plants that I bought at the weird and unfriendly but exceedingly cheap flower shop I have mentioned before. Some days I really like it and others, I'm not so sure. It is in it's second year and doing well.
Despite all my efforts to kill them the mums keep on coming back. I guess they like being chopped back to the ground frequently all year long. These are actually the prettiest pink ones. Or they will be.
Buds starting.
Two big cosmos on the south side of the embankment really took off from all the seeds I scattered last year. I also got one Howden pumpkin to grow over here.
These flowers do really well along the south fence and seed like crazy. I keep throwing the seeds up along the embankment in hopes of getting them going up there, but no luck yet.

I thought I was so lucky to get this shot of a butterfly in our rose giant. But then I went out 6 hours later and it was still there. When it was still there the next morning my husband pulled it out and it flew away. I guess it got stuck.