Friday, September 11, 2009


My husband begged two big pottery containers off of neighbors and friends, got some plants and little fish (guppies, maybe?) from the river with the girls and made two little biotopes. The plants grew quickly (lots of roots).
The little fish did well, lots of mosquito eggs to eat, I'm sure. But they were kind of hard to see.
So we got some goldfish.
And set them free in their new home. They did well until the first hot day, and I think all of them died. So sad. But the little river fish are a hardier species and are still going strong.
And the girls like searching for them.
Then one day we got buds.
And flowers! Very pretty. They only bloom for one day, but we have had them continuously for over a week now.
from above
and close up

Friday, September 4, 2009

in other garden news...

I'm sorry I am just not able to update the blog as regularly as before. I am trying to exercise more, and the time has to come from some where. I would prefer to cut out household chores, or breaking up fights between the girls, or cooking. However, blogging is where the time ends up coming from.
The okra is reaching for the stars. It is getting to the point where it is very hard to harvest. Too bad we don't have any tall people in this family.
We get about 10 pods a day, which is really more than enough okra for a family of 4! Luckily, I had an okra-loving friend visit on Monday and gave her a whole big bag so we had two okra free days. It's good stuff, but I am starting to run out of fresh and exciting okra ideas. Simmered okra, okra gomae, curried okra, okra pesto spaghetti, help?
The baby trees on the embankment are coming along nicely despite the occasional pumpkin vine attack.
Tomatoes in planters survived, barely, but are sad and pathetic. We get maybe two cherry tomatoes a week. All the ones in the ground rotted in the July rains.
Even sadder and more pathetic, but trying!
We have baby kinkans on our kinkan tree. They look like marble sized oranges and are eaten whole (except the seeds). We hope to have kinkans to harvest this winter!
Edamame plants are doing well.
Fall cucumbers are planted. The second generation of cucumbers have more or less fizzled out and we are going through cucumber withdrawal with only 2 or 3 a week. Okra just isn't the same...
And finally, cosmos on the embankment! Finally, after sowing seeds seeds and more seeds three plants have come up and two are doing really well.