Sunday, March 21, 2010

sprouting and flowering

Golden Currant cherry tomato the first out of the gates on March 19 followed by...
over half the Cherokee Purples and a bunch of others on the 20th.
Zucchini soil starting to rumble
Lebanese light green zucchini on March 19.
Black Beauty zucchini on March 20.
These are some cute little flowers from bulbs I planted last fall.
Anenome I bought this spring, because most of mine from a year ago didn't come up again this year.
I have had these in purple for the past two years and this past fall planted some pink bulbs.
The daffodils are just about at their peak.


May said...

It looks like you are growing golf ball instead of zucchini!!

Xana said...

Too bad, we have no use for them. Maybe I should grow them as Christmas presents...

tanuki86 said...

I think you have mentioned it before, but what are the brown things that you put on top of the soil of your seeds? Is it rice husks or something?

Also, there are some small whitish ball shaped things on top of the soil. What are those?

Thanks! I love the photos.

Xana said...

Yes, they are rice husks. They act as a kind of mulch, helping to keep the soil moist and the weeds down (though we used a commercial potting soil for the tomatoes, so weeds aren't a problem). There are two drawbacks. One is that the rice husks can leech nutrients from the soil if they are mixed in, so we have to be careful that they stay on top. The other is that sometimes there are some rice grains in there and we get baby rice plants sprouting.

The white things are some sort of organic nutrient balls (with calcium from shells and bones?) that my husband found.

Thanks for reading!