Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Golden Week

We did lots of gardening during Golden Week, which is a string of 4 national holidays here in Japan. Actually, my husband did lots of gardening. I didn't even take many photos, as I am trying to record all my classroom readers "This car is blue...ding!"

Here are our remaining tomato seedlings. We gave 12 to my father-in-law and had (sob) to say goodbye to a few of the weak, and are down to 72. We have about 40 spots, so we will see how they do over the next few weeks.
We had our first bbq of the year. It is perfect, no mosquitos yet and light until almost 7pm!

And today was Children's Day. When was a kid, I found out there is a children's day in Japan, I asked my mom why there wasn't one in the US, she said "everyday is children's day".

It was a perfect day. Sunny and warm. We celebrated by having a picnic in the garden with friends and breaking out the pool.


thefukases said...

It's pool weather already at yours? Wow. I'll be there tomorrow!

illahee said...

finally nice weather, yay!

i'm right behind heather...

Xana said...

Tomorrow is going to be rainy, but please do come next year! We would love to have you!