Thursday, May 20, 2010

Why do girls mature faster?

My three year old daughter has a big crush on the boy who sits across from her at preschool. "Mommy, T-kun is such a nice guy." She chooses hair accessories every morning with him in mind ("Mommy, do you you think T-kun will think this is cute?") Today was parent observation day and I saw her gaze at him coquettishly and turn to the girl next to her and giggle. Meanwhile, T-kun still cries at the gate every morning when his mom drops him off, and seems completely oblivious to L's affections.

My zucchini flowers are likewise maturing at different rates. A week ago, the females started flowering. Not a male bud in sight.
Without any male flowers ready to take responsibility for fathering a zucchini, I had to pick them while still tiny, or watch them rot.
Two days ago, the males started flowering, but had no pollen. Finally, today, two male flowers with pollen all grown up and ready to be daddies. Hopefully, in a few more days we will have several growing zucchini. Here is a Black Beauty...
And a Lebanese light green.


thefukases said...

Ohhh that's so cute about T-kun. Amy' best buddy is a little boy but in a completely gender oblivious way.

You're eating zucchini already??? Wow. We just planted ours!

Xana said...

M's best friend was a boy at 3, but they were pals. And she was really hurt last year when he decided he preferred playing nantoka ranger with male friends.

L is all dreamy over this boy. Or she was until Friday. Apparently, he told her that her handkerchief wasn't cute. Maybe he decided he no longer wanted to be giggled about.

Give it a few weeks. I can't believe how fast zucchini plants grow!