Tuesday, June 1, 2010

First Cucumber!

We harvested our first cucumber on June 1! Older daughter, M, made the cut.
A little bit bent due to the lack of rain, but rainy season is coming.
The ants are all over my zucchini flowers, but they still seem to be producing lots of zucchini.
My husband put up the netting for the mini pumpkins (Jack Be Little) in front of the classroom.
And kabocha female flowers are starting to bloom. They are also being eaten to bits by evil orange bugs.
And, we all know how I like cosmos...


Vicky said...

Congratulations on your first cucumber! We are a ways away from that yet. BUT!!! Our zucchini have male flowers as of today. Females are coming along but rain is forecast so who knows what will happen?

I'm enjoying your cosmos as we don't get those till August. They are such lovely flowers though, so delicate. And so easy to grow!!

Xana said...

Well, that was our first cucumber on June 1. I am a bit behind in my posts. Now we are up to 10/day. Ten! And by the time we leave for the US, my husband will be harvesting 20 a day. I warned him, he would be giving himself the cucumber crud by planting so many, but he has no sense of moderation! I always come back 3kg heavier and he is 3 kg lighter. I should be the one on the cucumber diet.

Congratulations on your zucchini flowers! We got females first for the zucchini, but males first for the pumpkins. They never seem to get it together for the first week or two.

Cosmos are wonderful. And they do grow anywhere. I think I am going to try to grow them in the empty plot next to us along our ugly fence . It's all sand, gravel, rocks and weeds, but the cosmos should be able to handle it.

I was talking to my father in CT, USA this morning, and his garden is about where yours is, I think. Having grown up in a colder part of the world, I never cease to be amazed by how long the growing season is here in Gifu. Nor by how miserably sticky hot and humid it is here. Bleah. I would be willing to wait another month or two for my cucumbers in return for cooler weather. Though this year has actually been the coolest in the ten years I have lived here.

Xana said...
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