Thursday, July 9, 2009


So I'm thinking maybe we should give up on zucchini and tomatoes and grow shiitake instead. This morning I went outside to find...these huge mushrooms growing out of one of my potted plants by the driveway. Fungi everywhere!
Little white ones growing out of the sand next to the path to the classroom.
A close up of one of the little white ones. They also grow on the lawn.
Brown ones grow on the lawn, too.
And the lawn has some sort of invisible but deadly fungal infection caused by overwatering (!!) which we need to kill with some chemical, but it never stops raining long enough to apply it. Even when it isn't actually raining, the humidity is 99% so it may as well be raining. I feel like we live in a tropical rainforest.
Udonkobyo (white flour disease?) is also running amok through most of the garden, especially the cukes, pumps, and zukes. I spent hours today cutting off pumpkin leaves and carting them down to the river.
A cucumber leave with more advanced udonkobyo.


illahee said...

*sigh* so much rain this year! and i thought it was going to be pretty dry because it started out so. we don't have any mushrooms yet, but maybe because we have the wrong kind of soil?

Xana said...

Then we have to get whatever kind of soil you have, we are positively infested! I am so worried that L might decide to eat one, she loves mushrooms.