Saturday, July 11, 2009


We picked our first kabocha ever!
And our second kabocha ever! We must have two of everything in this household!
We took a peek under the upside down cinderella pumpkin and found that ants were nesting on the bottom. Yucko!
So we flipped it over, though we had to pull out some roots it had put down.
And now we have two right side up cinderella pumpkins. The stems still are not woody, so I guess they are not ready to harvest yet. It is really hard to tell. Speaking of harvest...
Here is this afternoon's harvest. Including our first two second generation cucumbers. The large tomatoes are evergreen, that's as red as they get.


illahee said...

some of my kabocha vines are getting moldy. i should probably get rid of them. maybe? should i wait for sun? some of these vines don't have pumpkins and i have no idea what they're doing....but maybe if the sun comes out (HA!) it might go away? stupid rain.

beautiful harvest, very dark kabochas you have there!!

Girl Japan: April Marie Claire said...

Hey there, the pumpkin's look amazing.