Tuesday, July 7, 2009

rain rain rain

I know it is rainy season, but enough already. Everything is rotting. Except the weeds of course, which are thriving. And the pumpkins, but more on them in another post. M is very unhappy that we haven't been able to go to the park (i.e. the mud pit) to practice monkey bars. To me, this is the silver lining, no park!
Balloon flowers, which are doing very well this year. I guess they like the rain.
My husband took this photo of the lily.
Not to end on a drippy note, some of the sunflowers have survived the dreaded dust bugs and are blooming (or about to bloom).


thefukases said...

Doesn't the rainy season suck? What time you save on not watering you more than use weeding all the amazing overnight weeds that come up. Grrrr. I'm losing my zucchinis to rot. :( Love your balloon flower. I haven't seen one before. And your sunflowers are beautiful!

Xana said...

My zucchinis are rotting too. I am pinning my hopes on the next generation to start producing when we get back (mid august) as the first plants are now all dead. First they start to rot, then the yasude finish them off.

My students love to plant sunflowers.

I grew the balloon flowers from seed. They are perennials and really easy to grow. They come in purple, pale pink, and white. The ones in the planters aren't exactly thriving, but those in the ground are doing really well in their second year.