Monday, July 6, 2009

tomatoes, individual portraits

Money Maker. I only had 2 seeds, only one sprouted and the plant died. But I got one vine ripened tomato and several box ripened. This was the best tasting tomato I grew this year. An almost smoky flavor to it. I will get more of these seeds next year for sure. I am raising one baby plant from a clipping and hoping it will survive!
Marmande super. It definitely won the beauty contest. A very stylish tomato. One would expect no less from the French. Nice flavor, too, but hard to tell during rainy season as they are all a bit watery. I lost both of these plants.
Brandywine top
and bottom. It was a little bit bland, but quite tasty. The blandness is probably because of the continuous rain. I hope it survives until we return in August.
Cherokee Purple. A VERY unattractive tomato. But what it lacks in looks, it makes up for in taste. It is really yummy, great texture too. And it seems to be quite a good producer, and not to mind the terrible weather here. If you don't like the view from the top, just look at the bottom...
It looks like a normal tomato from beneath!
Evergreen. It is hard to tell when it is ripe, but it gets a little bit yellower, especially on the bottom. Also quite tasty and a good producer. The only type that has multiple survivors (my large tomato survival rate is at only about 30% right now).

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