Wednesday, April 1, 2009

enbankment 4.1.09

This is the south side (by the river) of the embankment to the south of our house. It is prefectural land. DH cleared the 2m high weeds last summer/fall. Over the winter he planted lots of trees. He collects and plants acorns, I collect and plant Rose of Sharon twigs, so we have tons of baby trees.

He also transplanted the raspberries and blackberries to the south side of the embankment this past winter.

This rose of sharon was in a pot with an anemone I thought was dead, but it has revived once planted.

The river and south side of the embankment. I hope to get "wild" flowers growing here eventually as well as our baby tree farm.

North side of the embankment, the side near our house. I have planted daffodils, hoping they naturalize. Also, dh moved the blueberries here as they were not happy next to the strawberries. And, of course, more baby rose of sharon.

The north side of the embankment. We have taken over the flat bit for veggies and dh's wild tree nursery.

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