Monday, April 27, 2009


purple iris. I was hoping for the really slender deep purple ones like in father-in-law's garden, but this wasn't it. I will have to remember to ask him for bulbs this fall.

M really wanted this sweet pea last fall (I think just because it is pink).
correction: It is a snap dragon. Thank you, Vicky!

Babiana (?) blooming

yard from above

and ground level


Vicky said...

Your garden is really greening up! It's lovely! I'm jealous of all your flowers and leaves, though we do actually have daffodils right now. Did you see my snow pics??!

Your sweet pea, by the way, is a snapdragon (antirhinum sp??)! Still cute, whatever you call it....

Xana said...

Thank you once again, Vicky! They start with s... I tried to find photos to confirm, but I googled sweet pee instead of sweet pea and got female urination devices. I am a hopeless scatterbrain, please keep correcting me!

I did see your snow! I fondly remember April snows, I think because I no longer actually have to live through them. I hope you enjoy a warm and sunny Golden Week! If only this wind would die down so I could plant my tomatoes. I was very impressed with your tree uprooting. Wow!