Thursday, April 2, 2009


Name That Flower time! I got these from my weird little cast-off flower shop. Unmarked for 30 yen (30 cents). I was so curious as to what color they would be. These two, two orangey/red ones that got moved two days ago, and one that still hasn't bloomed. We'll see if they make it through the summer, the ones I bought in the spring last year died, but I hope having started these in the fall will give them a head start.

I think this is more or less a weed, but it's pretty.

This is the second year for these bulbs. ???

I bought this blue hibiscus, not knowing if it was annual or perennial, nor how tall it would get. It was only a few inches high, who knew it would turn into a tree? But its leaves came out in January, and then died in the frost, so I pruned it, and now it is making new leaves. I hope it survives, because it did have pretty flowers in the summer. Are those little blue flowers to the right forget-me-nots? I've forgotten...

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Vicky said...

Bottom flower pic, yes, forget me nots, and the pink one on the left is a stock, but you know that already, I'm sure!

I couldn't see the orange cast-off flower pics....