Tuesday, April 21, 2009


This flower from the "blue flower mix" seeds I sowed (sew? what is the past tense of sow?) a year and a half ago is finally blooming. It's really quite pretty, but I have no idea what it is.

I saw nadeshiko (pinks?) for sale at the garden store the other day for 298 yen. These I got for free last year at the park. I was watching L playing on the swings and suddenly noticed all the older folk swarming over to the flower section with boxes and plastic bags, so of course, I went to check it out. The park was giving away nadeshikos. M was in the nadeshiko class at preschool so I brought some home and planted them. I cut off the dead bits and they looked rather pathetic all winter, but are doing well now.

This pink clover amongst the strawberries is quite pretty. We have tons of clover and I haven't learned to tell which are the kinds with pretty flowers and which to pull as weeds.

Orange osteos transplanted a week or two ago doing well.

The pink ones have survived and are flowering again after a fairly drastic late winter pruning fit.

These ones from the mystery flower shop I didn't like so much, so I transplanted them to a shady out of the way corner. I wonder if they will survive. I figure at least they are more attractive than the pipe, so I can't lose.

Dh mowed the embankment on Sunday, thank goodness, because the weeds were starting to go to seed. It's easier, anyway, if he does it before they are over his head. The neighbors have lovely cornflowers along the embankment that seem to self-propogate, but I am having trouble getting ours started. I finally started some seedlings and transplanted them. I hope they don't get washed away in the rain today.

Last year I pilfered seed heads from the neighbors down the way and spread them over our embankment every day on way back from the dog's walk, but only two actually grew, and in rather odd spots.

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