Tuesday, April 14, 2009


The yellow and white irises are blooming. My mother always insists there is no such thing as yellow irises.

I saw an ad in one of the free magazines for a park with a big field where kids could go pick dandelions. It must be aimed at downtown kids. This is the embankment behind our house, but they are rampant alongside every rice field.

The girls gift me with large bouquets daily.

My main osteospermum (Thanks for the name, Vicky!) is blooming its little heart out now.

The periwinkle by the side of the house is coming along. I'd like to fill some of that space with periwinkle, but my husband is very opposed to vines unless they come with cucumbers attached.

One of my weird little flower shop acquisitions, blooming. Why do I frequent it? I have never encountered less friendly service in Japan. Downright surly. The prices can't be beat, however. And the excitement of waiting for a mystery flower to bloom is rather enticing.

This one had really pretty pink flowers when I got it (from the garden center), but didn't bloom at all last year. I was happy to see that it is looking like it will flower this year.

My father-in-law kindly gave us an Emperor Dahlia. Not our favorite, truth be told, but it will be cheerful at a time when not much else is blooming. We planting it by the embankment, so it can be seen from the road (and not so much from the house).


Vicky said...

Show me the leaves of the purple mystery plant! It may be aquilegia (not sure how to spell that...)

Xana said...
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Xana said...

Thank you, Vicky! I googled it, and it is indeed aquilegia! Why do all of them have such difficult names? Perhaps that is the unifying theme in morose little flower shop...I got some nice nasturtiums there today. At least I knew what they were!