Friday, May 15, 2009


One of my blue hibiscus (hibisci?) survived a too early flowering and drastic prune and has come back strong (the other didn't make it). The plant is now about a meter high. I had no idea it was a tree when I bought it. I thought it was going to be short, like petunias or something.
The azaleas are starting to bloom despite being in terrible soil and abused terribly by the dog they are plugging along.
The southeast flower bed is looking a bit sad as the daffodils and irises are finished and the lilies have another few weeks at least until they start blooming. The pansies were starting to look pathetic and harbor nests of gejigeji. I have planted nasturtium, petunias, marigolds and a few other things but they aren't doing much yet.
The northeast flower bed is coming along. You can kind of see the blue hibiscus in the photo above, back left. Campanula look ready to bloom soon.
These are my pots of flowers along the parking area on the northside of the house. I just redid another two today, pulled all the sad pansies and found a huge ants nest. Yuck!
I don't know what this is, but it's quite pretty. It got really leggy, though, I will have to give it a good cutting back this fall.
The sunny lettuce has bolted.
I am going to try to grow mint on the embankment. We have been steadily pilfering it from the embankment upriver while walking the dog.

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