Saturday, May 2, 2009

fruit and veg

The raspberries that my husband moved to the embankment are making buds.

M insisted that we plant the melon seeds from the melon we ate the other night, and of course my husband can't resist her entreaties. Where we are going to put it? Who knows?

Speaking of space issues, my husband bought EGGPLANT! I have declared our garden a no eggplant zone (though I do like the flowers) because my father-in-law grows bushels of eggplant. As it is I have to deal with 20-30 eggplant/week at the height of the season. What am I going to do with more? Not to mention we had no space left, everything already having been designated.

So my husband had to make an extra row next to some of the extra cherry tomatoes...

zucchini (forward) and okra (rear). The okra are really being attacked by the aphids.

watermelon. Once again, my husband couldn't resist. He says we can let them grow over the strawberry patch.

Tomatoes finally planted. Four are still on hold in larger pots.

Cucumbers, the first planting. We had 4 or 5 plants last year and had to consume 10-12 cucumbers/day during the season, so why my husband felt that tripling that number was a good idea???

Our broccoli thinks it is a green cauliflower. Or perhaps a green brain. It is very odd looking.

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