Friday, May 29, 2009

tomatoes (in alphabetical order!)

I know everyone is waiting with baited breath as it has been at least a few days since I last posted tomato photos! These are all my tomatoes that have actually started tomatoing. I am still waiting on Black Krim, Evergreen, Big Rainbow, and Brandywine.
Black Plum (may be our first to harvest...)
Chadwick's Cherry
Cherokee Purple (showing signs of being a tomato only a gardener can love. Very oddly shaped)
Gold Currant (cherry). I have had a lot of trouble with these. They are tall and gangly, not many leaves, and those they do have have some sort of blight so I keep having to cut them off. I'm not sure if we will get any tomatoes from them. I do have some suckers starting in sand, hopefully they will be disease free. I will keep them in containers away from the rest.
Money Maker
Marmande Super. These will probably be first to the finish line of my regular tomatoes. They look like the shape I imagine the Cinderella pumpkins will be if our sole remaining vine produces. It must be a French thing. Very stylish.
Another Marmande Super plant
Reisentraube (cherry). This one is a loner, unlike the others which are in clusters of dozens (hundreds?) Maybe that is why it is so far ahead of the pack. The rest are still blossoms.
Sugar Lump (cherry). These are from seeds left over from last year. Just standard garden variety (oops!) cherry tomatoes. The rest are all heritage, organic, etc.
The sugar lump has this weird tendency to split and refuse at the stem. I hope this won't be an entry point for diseases. So far, no problem.
Sweet Orange II (cherry)


illahee said...

mmmmmm, look at all those tomatoes! i know i probably shouldn't get excited over green tomatoes, but they look great! am looking forward to seeing them ripe. hmmm, where's gifu in relation to fukuoka? ;)

Xana said...

I'm glad someone else is excited over green tomatoes. My mom thinks I'm insane. But she knows I get that from my dad :)

Gifu is inland from Nagoya, close to the geographic center of Japan. Not exactly near Fukuoka unfortunately. Takkyubin tomatoes?