Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Veggies (good v. evil)

beans and broccoli. The broccoli are infested by small green caterpillars that mostly eat the leaves. The green beans are popular with aphids.
My one okra that seems to be managing to conquer a horrible black aphid infestation and thrive.
pumpkin healthy
pumpkin sick. I think it is being attacked by the evil orange vine bugs.
5 out of 6 zucchini are doing well. Two female flowers are almost ready to bloom, but no male flowers yet...
Cucumbers battling against
EVIL INCARNATE! If sugina were a bug, this is what it would be. Does anyone know what this bug is called in English and any good non-poisonous method of getting rid of it. I've been using the zap&squish method (knock it out with one of those bug zapper rackets and squish it), but it is rather labor intensive and inefficient.

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