Tuesday, May 12, 2009

My 12, 2009

My husband took these photos because I was busy planting our final 9 tomatoes, well, not including the ones I've started from clippings which may or not make it. This was growing on the embankment. My husband says the leaves are edible (tempura), but I think it looks a bit like foxglove, which is used for making digitalis and is poisonous, right? It has fuzzy leaves. It is pretty.
My pumpkins on the embankment have been completely destroyed by those evil little orange beetles. Evil! Evil!
The nadeshiko (pinks?) which I got free last fall at Nagara park when they were changing their plantings are really outdoing themselves.
Our Japanese red maple has udonkobyo again. I think we are going to have to dose it with a bit of poisonous stuff this year, last year we tried natural remedies and they didn't work.
Our yamaboshi (Japanese dogwood) by the main back sliding door is now in full bloom.

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