Thursday, May 21, 2009


My first lily is blooming! Hooray! This flowerbed has been looking rather pathetic since the daffodils and irises finished and the nasturtium, petunias, and marigolds aren't doing much yet.
Two big female zucchini flowers today, but no males yet. Why do girls mature faster?
This kind of odd yellow thing started growing out of the side of our compost and is getting slowly bigger. It is more attractive than the compost bin, at least, so we let it stay for the time being.
These turn into very bright pink flowers in late summer and self seed like mad. WE had a single planter of them along the south fence and now the south fence is solid seedlings.
The summer camellia is starting to bloom.
Luckily we seem to have a good number of bees around. This is just a random flowergrowing out of a lettuce planter.
The blue hibiscus is really going strong now.
I love these flowers. I hope they self seed and coming in next year.

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