Saturday, June 20, 2009

and in non-tomato related news...

Our first mallow/rose of sharon (I'm not sure what the difference is or what this is) flower bloomed.

Our first baby watermelon.
Our first baby okra.
The pumpkin patch is headed for the hills. Howden on the bottom, then Cinderella, kabocha at the top.
I am hoping the blackberries will be ripe before we leave for the US. Raspberries are almost finished.
Lemon grass is thriving next to the compost on the right. Lettuce is going to seed.
Speaking of seeds, my husband planted a mango seed and we are eager to see what happens. He says Japan is turning into a tropical island, but not tropical enough I fear.


April Marie Claire said...

Oooh... Fried Green tomatoes comes to thought, you have a massive garden!

I used to work in Gifu about 6 years ago at the station = )

Xana said...

I did think of fried green tomatoes when I had to pull a tomato plant today. Have you ever tried them? Are they any good?
My cucumber victim today used to work with you, I think.

Girl Japan: April Marie Claire said...

Oh yes, I love them, I love fried green tomatoes!

What is a cucumber victim? LoL, we worked together at Gifu station? = )

Xana said...

She (G.K.) came to visit and was forced to take home a big bag of cucumbers! EVERYONE who comes anywhere near our house is a cucumber victim at the moment.
I don't know where you worked together...but it's a small foreign-wives-world!

Girl Japan: April Marie Claire said...

Ah... Yes, yes yes! I get it now (sorry am a bit slow) I worked with her in Aichi, a very, very long time ago, right after I broke my knee skiing I went back to work a few months later..... yea.. I remember. Wow that was a long time ago, we moved that year, then worked in Gifu Station about three years ago, the company moved the offices there after they had finished remodeling.

Send G.K. my best = )

Xana said...

I will give her your regards, and hopefully some more cucumbers, too! :)