Tuesday, June 30, 2009

bad mommy gardner award

The weather forecast said that it is supposed to rain from Tues-Fri. Desperate to get some planting done on Monday, I abandoned my feverish child in front of the tv and went out to pot, repot, and plant. Here are 4th generation tomatoes, in sand.
Third generation tomatoes in bigger pots. Also campanula and many others not in this photo. I want to get everything into big pots or in the ground before we leave for the US on July 15, otherwise they will not survive the summer heat.
"spare" pumpkins, I think they are all Howden but the popsicle stick markers rotted, planted in the space that used to belong to the brocoli at the base of the embankment. The challenge will be to build bridges for the vines across the moat that surrounds them whenever it rains.
I thought she was being awfully quiet...


thefukases said...

Ohhhh what a sweet picture!

I hope you made it in time for the rain. We got bucketed on here and I was hoping to spend all tomorrow in the garden. Oh well, rain is good I keep reminding myself!

illahee said...

well, at least it was a good quiet, not a 'destroying everything in sight' quiet.

it has been so bad here with the rain. just buckets here, too. i hope my tomatoes survive!

Xana said...

Yes, last time the two of them were suspiciously quiet they were playing beauty salon. It still hasn't grown out!

Rain is good. Torrential floods, not so good. We are expecting another downpour this afternoon. Time to see if pumpkin vines float.