Tuesday, June 2, 2009

May 31 and June 2

Our neighbors downriver have their embankment covered in these cheerful yellow flowers in May/June. I pilfered a few from their drainage ditch where they (the flowers, not the neighbors) were trying to grow out of concrete and planted them on our embankment. Only one survived. So much for my grand plans of fields of yellow next spring. My next plan of attack is tol wait until the neighbor's flowers go to seed and pilfer seeds while walking the dog and hope to get more going on our part of the embankment that way.
My husband's pretty purple flowering Indian tree is starting to flower. It seems to like its new spot by the strawberries.
My husband spent two days out weed-whacking the embankment
and the empty lot next door. He took these two photos of his hard work. The weeds were only about waist high this time, and he says it was much easier than when they are taller than he is like last year.
I gathered a bunch of the cut weeds today to fill in the ditch next to the pumpkin patch so that my pumpkin vines won't be underwater. Unfortunately, the weeds had gone to seed so I may have a lot of weeds growing out of the ditch... One pumpkin, the cinderella, is making moves towards the embankment and we will have to take down the netting soon.

My first pumpkin bud on the Cinderella pumpkin. I am trying not to get my hopes up because last year all my female flowers rotted before blooming for two months before I finally got blossoms to pollinate. My husband took a great photo of our current enemy #1. Evil!!! I kill 20-30 a day, but it isn't really making a dent. They, on the other hand, are making huge dents in our pumpkins and cucumbers, and some nibbles on the zucchini and watermelon leaves, too.
at the base of the embankment. Pumpkins on the left, on the right, broccoli (mostly gone) in front, green beans in the middle, and cucumbers along the fence.
A fuzzy shot of today's cucumber harvest. I am starting to get worried. 9 a day...that's 63/week and this is only a week after our first cucumber. My husband also has 2 more generations coming up. The zucchini is started to scare me, too. None yesterday, but it looks like 2 today, maybe 3 tomorrow....

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