Friday, June 19, 2009

too much of a good thing

Yesterday's cucumber harvest.
Today's cucumber harvest. Do you see a pattern? How many cucumbers can one family eat? We are about to find out. This is only the beginning. Any good disappearing cucumber recipes out there?
We are also drowning in biwa (loquat) at the moment. The garden next door has a loquat tree, half of which can only be accessed from our yard, so they told us to take all we want. I wish we had a bigger refrigerator. Between cucumbers and loquat we are running out of room for milk and tofu.
The loquat tree, post harvest. Our yard is to the right of the fence.


illahee said...

mmmm, yummy cucumber!

we have two plants going, otherwise i'd let you send some to me. ;)

no recipes, either. my kids don't like cucumber (yet!) so for the moment we don't eat them often. but i am looking forward to garden cucumbers!

Xana said...

My girls do like cucumber. We all like cucumbers. But 13 a day, that's 91/week, and it looks like we'll be up to 20 a day soon. And then the girls and I will escape to the US when the next generation of plants begins to overlap with this one, leaving my husband with his 30 cucumbers/day! No wonder he doesn't want us to go!

May said...

Why don't you make tsuknomo? Then you can keep the cucumbers.
What do you do with the loquats?

Xana said...

We make kimchi cucumbers and other tsukemono, but they don't last forever, and by then we have more bushels of cucumbers. We had another 15 today. M (husband) LOVES loquat, his mother, too. So mostly we ate them, and he took a bunch to his friends this weekend. Today we gave cucumbers to neighbors, students, a salesperson who rang the bell, and he brought a bunch to his friends.