Sunday, June 28, 2009

flowers and butterflies

I planted these bulbs in the strawberry patch before it became the strawberry patch. I planted yellow, white, and pink, but only the pink and white have bloomed.
Butterfly on the oregano.
Petunias in a planter by the side of the parking area.
Pink groundcover thing that does really well in the heat.
One with smaller blossoms.
Gladioli starting to bloom. Balloon flowers are doing well this year. And campanula are still going strong.
Campanula and blue flax.
Morning glory seedlings by the classroom windows, hoping to keep off some of the morning sun. This windows face east, so the perfect spot. We had a very old pack of seeds and wanted to use them up.
Butterfly on a purple flowering Indian tree, kind of wisteria like, but it is not a vine.

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