Friday, June 19, 2009

cherry and plum tomatoes

black plum
another black plum (we have 3 plants)
Chadwick's Cherry (two plants)
Gold currant (only one original rather sickly plant, but 3 more second generation)
Reisentraube. Not nearly as many tomatoes as there were flowers, most fell off, but that still leaves plenty. 3 plants.
Sugar Lump. These were seeds left over from last year. I think we have seven big plants, and several more in future generations.
Sweet Orange II. Three plants.
A few of the plants have this on the stem. Is it some sort of nasty bug eggs? I tried scraping them off, but couldn't do it without damaging the stem.


May said...

I have a feeling when the sun finally come out, you will drown in tomatoes.

Xana said...

I am worried that it will be after we leave for the US!

Miah said...

What a nice garden! Thumbs up to this blog. I really enjoyed viewing it.