Monday, June 22, 2009

tomatoes at night

Well the first two weeks of so -called rainy season were a total bust, but now nature is making up for lost time and it has been raining steadily the past few days. The only chance I had to go out and take photos of big tomatoes was Saturday evening. I put my hand in most of the photos for a sense of size.Big Rainbow. I had to pull two sick plants. This plant has yet to produce a single tomato, but I am holding out hope because it is flowering, at least.
Black Krim. I think I have two plants. And a baby plant.
Brandywine plant 1.
Brandywine plant 2.
Cherokee Purple. I think I only have one...though it is strange. I don't remember losing the others, but they must have been sick.
Evergreen. 3 plants. They were slow starters, but seem to be the healthiest as I haven't lost one.
Money Maker. Only one. I planted 3 seeds and only one came up. Luckily it has held in there.
Marmande super. Two plants.


illahee said...

oh man, your tomatoes look FABULOUS!! right, off to the garden to take photos. brb!


Xana said...

The poor things are drowning right now though. And my pumpkin vines are underwater. I am looking forward to seeing photos of your tommies. Maybe they can be penpals with mine.