Monday, June 29, 2009

liquor and tomatoes

Okay, the title is misleading. Not in combination.Somebody, I think my mother, was asking what we did with the loquats. Well, we (mostly my husband) ate lots, and gave some away. He kept all the seeds and I was getting worried about where we were going to put 100s of baby loquat trees. But it turns out his friend made loquat seed liquor, which has medicinal properties in Chinese medicine. Unfortunately for my mother, it tastes of anin (like in anindofu) which I know she didn't like. I like it though. I guess we will find out in 6 months how it tastes.
Some of yesterday's harvest. We are really pushing cucumbers and green beans these days.
Some of last night's dinner, all veg from the garden. hooray! Supplemented with kimchi cucumbers. And rice, of course.
I finally got around to repotting and putting cages around my second generation of cherry tomatoes. This is golden currant.
I harvested our first two real tomatoes yesterday, a Black Krim and a Cherokee Purple. The Black Krim was severely deformed and not the best taste case. This Cherokee purple looks okay from the top, but the bottom...
It was quite yummy however!
These are all the green tomatoes from plants that were diseased and I had to pull. I read you can ripen them in a box with green bananas. Unfortunately, I mixed some Evergreens in there and now I'm not sure which are which.


thefukases said...

Heyyyy!!! How did I not find your blog before??? I love your garden. Serious flower envy...

And Gifu is right next door to me in Nagano but you are weeks ahead of me season-wise. Bizarre...

And if the tomatoes don't ripen I've got a great recipe for green tomato chutney. :)

Xana said...

What a difference a few little mountains make! Gifu City is in a bowl, surrounded by mountains. In the summer it is like living in a hot bowl of soup. Thick pea soup. How I wish we were in the mountains! Nagano is gorgeous! And a reasonable climate for human habitation.

I would love to have your recipe for green tomato chutney. Anything involving green tomatoes! My large tomato vines are dying dying dying.

I love your blog, btw. Your girls are just a year or two older than mine, I think.