Thursday, June 18, 2009

tomatoes (group photos)

I know everyone is anxiously awaiting tomato updates. But you know what they say about watched tomatoes not turning red. Apparently, it is true. I know because I check on my at least three times a day. The neighbors' are all reddening. Not even a blush here.
So I spent all this time labeling group photos with individual names, but then I couldn't figure out how to upload them. So here are the group photos with no labels. I will post individual portrait photos of each variety soon.Cherry and plum tomatoes. Golden currant, still sickly but holding on front left, sugar lump front right. Two baby basils where I had to pull sick GCs. You can also see some Black Plum in the back on the right.
Same cherry tomatoes, different angle. From left to right, sugar lump, gold currant, 2 riesentraube, black plum, chadwick's cherry and sweet orange II.
More mini tomatoes. Chadwick's Cherry and Sweet orange II planted a month later than the rest in the front, sugar lumps in the back.
Big tomatoes. Left to right: evergreen, black krim, money maker, maybe marmande super, cherokee purple, brandywine, big rainbow.
Same tomato patch, from the south. You can see left to right: big rainbow, marmande super, brandywine, and another marmande super.
Second generation of Gold Currant and Black Plum.
Third generation of many varieties, rooting in sand in the shade. Along with a few rose of sharons.

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illahee said...

mine aren't turning red, either. and i have neighbor tomato envy myself! lol