Wednesday, June 10, 2009

mostly veggies

The millions are Reisentraube flowers are starting to turn into tomatoes. Still no reddening on any tomatoes. I hope they hurry up because they are gradually succumbing to various diseases. I had to pull two more plants yesterday. Today I planted baby basils in the spots vacated by sick tomatoes.
Our first Cinderella pumpkin is still hanging in there, now joined by a baby sister.
All the pumpkin vines are doing pretty well. These are the Howden. No baby pumpkins yet.
The Cinderella pumpkin in the foreground and Japanese pumpkin (kabocha) in the back. We have two baby Cinderellas and one baby kabocha. This despite the evil orange bugs.
A fresh evil orange bug trail on a pumpkin leaf.
Speaking of problems, the zucchini has some sort of icky white fungus or mildew or something. I've had to pull three plants. This happened last year, too. Does anyone know why or what I can do about it?

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