Thursday, June 25, 2009

Good tomato news, and bad tomato news

Good news first. More signs of ripening. Sweet Orange II
Cherokee Purple
Black Krim
Really bad news. The big tomatoes are all dying. I will have to pull the last 3 plants in the southern row today. I am beginning to wonder if it is possible to raise tomatoes without chemicals around here...
Not to end on a sad note, our tomato harvest from yesterday. All sugar lump. Though they tasted a bit like waterlumps after the deluge of the past few days.


illahee said...

lovely! mine are FINALLY starting to change color. i don't think they get enough sun (and i'm not talking about rainy season).

sorry to hear the big plants aren't doing well. my momo taro seems to be wilting a bit again...

Xana said...

I wonder. I have two rows of big tomatoes and its the southern row that died (same types as are still living in the northern row), so I was thinking maybe they didn't like too much sun. But tomatoes love, sun, right? I hope you manage to keep them on the vines until ripe!

illahee said...

maybe it's a case goldilocks syndrome: too much and too little. we need to find juuuuuust right! lol

and mean old mommy doesn't let poor tommy in the garden any more. eventually the only tomatoes will be up high, right? if the sun keeps coming out, though, i'll have to put the splash pool out for the kids. but with water, i'll have to be out there constantly to keep an eye on them, so hopefully no more tomatoes taken!

Xana said...

Poor child. Mine have a cruel mother, too. Though right now the main deprivation is not being able to watch Pretty Cure. Kawai soo.

Could you put some sort of netting around so he can't get in? We have net attached to bamboo sticks that was supposed to keep the "cats" out of the spinach. We also have an old wooden bath floor thingy to block the dog from the tomatoes.

Soon enough they will be too high. I am lucky L is short. Not that height makes any difference with strawberries.